If you use Shogun, or want to use Shogun, it's possible to collect leads from it that trigger SMS funnels.

We suggest you create a form in Shogun with 2 fields, First name and Mobile phone (only the Phone is required). You aren't required to ask for First name but when we send a SMS it's much more personalized.

The field label is not really important as you can map them into Text Funnels when we receive the first set of data.

With Shogun integration we can't guess the subscriber timezone and country. To make sure we can format the phone number correctly, you need to provide your default subscriber timezone and country.

Create your page in Shogun

Create your form in Shogun

Your form needs at least 1 field for  Phone number and the Field label and Field placeholder can be named anything you want as you can map them inside Text Funnels directly.

Send form submission to Text Funnels

Copy your unique Email address generated by Text Funnels and paste it inside Send submission to in Shogun form settings.

Once done, save and publish your form in Shogun.

Click on View live page to open your page.

Now submit sample data in the form to map the fields inside Text Funnels.

Go back to Text Funnels, and click on I've sent my data

If everything is correctly configured, you should now be able to map your Shogun fields with Text Funnels.

If you have the First name field in your form, you can map it here as well but the value is optional.

Now it's time to create a funnel with "Shogun" as the trigger.

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