When you send a broadcast, segments are used to define the targeted audience.

If you use a broadcast template, segments are automatically managed but you can edit them if you want.

Create a custom segment

Click the button above to access your segments page in Text Funnels. You can also click on Segments in your application sidebar.

Click Create segment on the top right.

Give a name to your segment for reference.

Select the condition you want to apply to your segments.

For example, if you want to target only US & CA customers who made at least one purchase, you should use these conditions:

As you see, you can add multiple conditions with the same value -- in this example we have 2 conditions for Located in, they'll be merged together and the condition will look like: (Located in US or CA) AND (Number orders > 0)

Once done, click on Create segment to build the segment.

The system will start automatically synchronize with your customer list, it may take few minutes depending on the size of your Shopify customer list.

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