Conditions allow you to create conditions to determine what will happen next based on the action taken by your user.

There are 2 types of conditions:

Create new condition

People are different. They live in different places, spend differently and do different things, so don't send everyone the same message.

Easily customize your funnel so that the perfect message is sent to the ideal person.

Do you have an offer that is only available in the USA? 

Set your condition so that your message will only be sent to people in the USA and not to people in other countries.

Perhaps you want to offer something to people who have never made a purchase from your store that is different from the offer you want to send people who have purchased from you before.

This is your chance to tailor your messages to perfectly suit the recipient.

Create A/B Split

A/B Split allows you to test two different messages to determine which message generates the desired result most often. 

The messages will be sent randomly to recipients at a rate you choose (50/50, 60/40 etc). All you need to do is monitor results to determine which message generates the desired outcome most often.

For example: You may be wondering whether it is best to send a discount offer or a gift certificate. The A/B split allows you to test both offers simultaneously.

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