The trigger is the required action for your funnel to start. Think of it as the entry point.

Here are the available triggers:

Abandoned checkout

Triggers when someone abandons their checkout without making a purchase but did enter their phone number. 

This is sent to someone who may not expecting to receive a message from you so make sure you let them know who you are and give them a good reason to come back to your store like a discount on the item(s) they left in their cart.

Order paid

Triggers when someone pays for their order

Popup signup

Trigger when someone subscribes via the popup. This type of subscriber is typically offered an incentive to subscribe.

This message will be sent to someone expecting to hear from you. If you promise to send them something, make sure to include it in your message.

Customer tag

Trigger when a subscriber matches a specific tag you created within your Shopify store.

Link clicked

Triggers when someone clicks any links from any sms messages sent.

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