The Broadcast feature is available to anyone. It allows you to send the same message to your entire list, or a specific segment. You can use the broadcast feature for:


Text Funnels will automatically extract your customers within a defined segmentation. (The link you will send is a direct link to your store with a discount code)

Abandoned carts

Text Funnels can be set to automatically contact your abandoned checkouts within a pre-defined time-range and extract the abandoned checkout URL, and if you want, include a discount code. (The link sent is the abandoned checkout URL)

Create your first broadcast

Click the button above to access your broadcasts page in Text Funnels. You can also click on Broadcasts in your application sidebar.

Click on Send broadcast in top right.

Step 1: Select channel

Step 2: Select template or start from scratch

Click on Create message when your choice is made.

Templates include pre-defined segments, if no segments exist they'll be automatically created.

Note on the bottom left of the Template selector, you can change the discount percentage. A discount will be automatically created and linked to your broadcast.

You don't need to change anything. (if you use a template of course)

Step 3: Write your text message

If you need help with the editor you can always refer to Write your text message

Step 4: Send your broadcast

When you are ready, click on Save and preview in the top right.

If you want to send yourself a test message, enter your mobile phone in the bottom of the modal window.

When you are ready click on Send now.

When you send a broadcast, the selected segment is automatically resynchronized before the broadcast is initialized. Depending of the size of your Shopify customers list, it may take up to 10 minutes before the broadcast is triggered.

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