When you send a broadcast, you can target your Text Funnels subscribers list directly without having to resynchronize with Shopify customers. This can save some time depending on the size of your customer list.

Each time a subscriber enters a funnel, the system checks to see if the subscriber already exists, if not we create the contact for you. If so, no duplicate contact will be added.

You can tag a subscriber in a funnel and if the subscriber is also your Shopify customer, the tag will be applied inside your Shopify application as well. 

This way, you can integrate Text Funnels with other Shopify apps.

We validate each phone number to make sure they are a mobile phone and not a landline to prevent any abuse-reports.

When a subscriber replies "STOP" we unsubscribe them immediately and prevent any further SMS messages from being sent to that customer from your store.

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